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Mac Pro and other iPad models are also priced in Brazil

Earlier today we reported that the values ??of MacBooks Air and Macs mini have been readjusted. We also comment on the prices of the iPhones XS, XS Max and XR and Apple Watches Series 4, as well as the new iPad Pro 11 ? and 12.9 ?.

Although some products such as MacBooks, MacBooks Pro and iMacs have not undergone changes in their prices, Ma has moved the tables of some others currently sold and which were not part of today's ads.

Let's change:

Mac Pro

Mac Pro from behind

that's right: the Mac Pro (which is totally abandoned is known that Apple will launch a new model of the professional desktop, but only in 2019) had readjustment in its more "stout" model.

10.5-inch iPad Pro

10.5-inch iPad Pro

Although Apple has introduced a replacement for the 10.5 ? model (the 11 ? iPad Pro), the old one continues to be marketed by the company. Here are his new values:

9.7-inch iPad

9.7-inch iPad

The iPad model presented in March was also readjusted, as we can see below:

iPad mini 4

iPad mini 4

The iPad mini 4, with a 7.9 inch screen and launched by the company in 2015 (!), Also increased in price here in Brazil:

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