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Koss Headphones commercial was recorded only with the iPhone XS Max

It is not today that directors and video professionals use the iPhone to record short films or even full-length films. So it was only a matter of time before the iPhone XS and XS Max were used for professional purposes, as photographer and cameraman Martin Moore did.

Moore shared on Reddit that, after purchasing the iPhone XS Max, he was totally impressed with the new camera system from gadget and decided that he would record a commercial with the device to see if people could notice that it had been recorded from the iPhone.

Thus, he recorded a commercial for Koss Headphones called ?Hearing Is Believing? using only the iPhone XS Max. Regardless of the result, which you can judge above, the cameraman said that the freedom to be able to move without a gimbal a giant camera and a larger camera allowed him to be much more creative. Be sure to see commercial!

In general, it is possible to observe some problems with the transitions between darker and brighter places, in which the iPhone takes a few seconds to adapt to the light. Still, the final result ?is quite fantastic and shows in fact how powerful and useful the camera system of the iPhones XS and XS Max can be?, as disclosed by iPhone Hacks.

via The Loop