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John Gruber says rumor of multiplatform apps (iOS and macOS) is only planned for 2019 [atualizado]

At the end of last year, the Bloomberg launched a bomb rumor stating that Apple was working on an internal project called "Marzipan", which would consist of some kind of new framework for developers to create apps that run on both iOS and macOS. The great expectation was that we will hear about this at this upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

Well, we have good and bad news. The legal part is that, citing own sources, John Gruber confirmed yesterday at Daring Fireball the existence of any such project at Apple. The question is what can we expect from him and, mainly, when.

Going directly to the key point of the thing, Gruber stated that this rumor is not something planned for this year, but for 2019 probably arriving on macOS 10.15 and iOS 13. That is, well, we are already adjusting our expectations as to what will be announced at WWDC18 and, frankly, something tells me that this information didn?t ?come to him? by chance

Going into the thing itself, Gruber begins by stating that the project is actually * not * called "Marzipan". People with whom he has contact involved in development say they have never even heard this codename before the Bloomberg last year; if it really existed, it may have been very preliminary.

In addition, Gruber's sources understand everything is based on a kind of declaratory control API kind of a way of assembling elements of the interface declaring them (with their attributes) in some similar way, for example, to how we do them in HTML / CSS. The idea would be to universalize this process, breaking the big differences that exist today when building apps for iOS (with UIKit) and for macOS (with AppKit).

In short, the whole project is really in line with what Tim Cook said recently about Apple not having plans to merge the Mac with the iPad. It is not, by far, a fusion of the two systems; and yes, probably, some news that will facilitate the work of developers when creating multiplatform apps.

The question remains: what good will come, after all, at WWDC18?

Update 05/01/2018 s 15:05

Asked about the new information, Mark Gurman gives Bloomberg, original author of the rumor countered:

It seems that this refers to a pair of separate projects (known alternatively as Amber, Infrared and Ultraviolet) of the Swift team. It's not the same as the iOS app initiative on Macs. There are many loose parts for a multi-year project and steps like this.

This initiative probably intends to replace NIB files with Swift, connected to the Interface Builder, which could allow developers to declare their UIs by hand or using existing visual tools, such as XAML on Windows.

With that, some reactions have already popped up for what I will not translate, not least because there are some very technical things that are really only interesting to developers:

In other words, something comes by itself. ?

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