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Instagram brings multiple media uploads to Stories, allows you to download your content and more!

Another week, another wave of news on the largest social network of photos in the world.

Starting with the official announcements and already put into practice, the Instagram is bringing to your application the possibility for users to post multiple photos or videos on their Stories at once, simplifying the life of those who want to publish a lot of content at once. (But, please, don't be one of those people who post a thousand Stories per day.)

Upload multiple media to Instagram Stories

With the novelty, a small icon appears at the top of the media screen (the one that appears when you drag the Stories up) and the user can select up to ten photos or videos at once, to be posted in sequence. It is possible to reorder them by tapping and dragging on each other's box, as well as editing them individually with the usual elements (text, filters, stickers, effects and all those pendants that you know well).

In a related improvement, Instagram now suggests approximate locations when you add your story?s location sticker, so if your camera has geolocation enabled, the network lists possible places of interest near where the photo was taken, as it already does when posting media on your timeline.

The news is already available in the latest version of Instagram for iOS and Android, which should be made available to all users over the next few weeks.

Instagram app icon

Content Download

Instagram is also finally bringing an easy way to download all your data present on the network as confirmed by TechCrunch a few weeks ago.

Over the past few months, the social network has been criticized for not offering any kind of data download tool even Facebook, its owner, has a very complete resource to download all your information if you want (as each more often) delete your account or something. Furthermore, Instagram's current options are not in line with the European Union's new digital privacy law (which made Apple move), so people there are rushing to adapt to the new demands of the digital world.

To download your Instagram data that includes all your photos (in high resolution!), Videos, Stories published, direct messages, search history and much more, just access this link and enter your email / password. In up to 48 hours, a download link will be generated and sent to your email and you can save everything for posterity.

Many more news!

Going to the terrain of the news not yet announced and only discovered by users fleeing previous versions of the Instagram app, a good wave of discoveries was unearthed at once, this time.

NEW: Instagram is finally working on a button mute for profiles!

Fortunately, there is already a similar feature for Stories (just touch and hold the circle with the person's profile on the upper merry-go-round), but now you can also silence that profile with boring or inconvenient posts without having to commit the rudeness of not following it.

NEW: Instagram is testing the feature Slow-Mo (slow motion) for Stories

So that option carousel at the bottom of the camera Stories it will get bigger than the credits of "Avengers: Infinity War"!

NEW? Archive of Stories Instagram calendar view

Be a hand at the wheel for those who publish a thousand things a day. But, again, don't be that person!

Instagram is testing ?Reaes? s Stories, which work more or less like reactions to Facebook stories

This feature is already active for users in some locations, that is, it should not be long before it reaches everyone.

NEW: Instagram is testing to tag Facebook friends in posts

Because even if you want to, it will be impossible to escape the clutches of Instagram completely.

NEW screenshots of the upcoming live video calling feature

We already talked about this feature twice and it still insists on making a soft body to appear, but everything indicates that we are getting closer to the day when it will be possible to make video calls with your friends without going to the home screen of your iPhone and touching FaceTime or Skype. Magic, right?

via PAPELPOP, Mashable

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