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Icon found on iOS shows what the new iPad Pro with Face ID will look like [atualizado]

If any still had doubts that we will see a new iPad Pro with Face ID (consequently, with a screen with very small margins due to the absence of the start button), well, I have good news.

The developer Guilherme Rambo (of 9to5Mac) found a new cone inside iOS that basically shows how to be Ma's new tablet, which should be launched at Tuesday's special event (10/30).

iPad Pro cone found on iOS

The cone, as expected, shows an iPad with no Start / Touch ID button and no cutout at the top (no notch on the tablet), in addition to a display with rounded corners. It is worth noting that this is not the first asset that shows how to be the device; on the other hand, we now have much more details than the previous one.

Even with smaller edges / margins than the current ones, they are still quite remarkable. But Rambo gave a possible explanation: although the real device may be exactly the same as this digital representation, there is a possibility that these margins are slightly larger in the icon just to make it easier to view and identify it as an iPad, the developer remembered that something similar thing happened last year, when we saw an iPhone X cone for the first time.

Another curious detail of this digital representation of the new iPad Pro is that the on / off button is at the top, while on iPhones it left there and went to the side (even gaining other functions, such as calling Siri, making payments with Apple Pay and of course take out screenshots). The presence of the button at the top may be just an Apple design decision or, who knows, this icon may be a asset unfinished system and the iPad actually has a side button.

We?ll know soon, at Apple?s special event with full coverage of MacMagazine! ?

Update 10/28/2018 s 21:50

And look at information about the Second generation Apple Pencil, who should also paint at the Tuesday event:

Apple Pencil 2, model B332, support gestures. The user can change the stroke properties by sliding along the sides of the pencil.

The slide gesture of Apple Pencil 2 allows you to change the brush size and color on the fly not the hardware changes I would expect from a second generation pencil, but I kind of like the idea of ??that.

And, artists using the iPad + Apple Pencil pair: did you like the novelty?