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Flitter: new Twitter client will put you first

If you are another person who does not like the official Twitter app or miss some functions that it does not support, say ?Hi!? To Flitter, a new Twitter client that comes with everything to compete in a market saturated with several famous options available.

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Arriving amid news of changes in the Twitter API that bother some third-party customers, the app gets its focus on the user experience and is another good alternative to be added to its list.

Flitter focuses on tweets not having the news resources and streaming, by decision of its developer, having the same features that stand out in other customers, but with an interface that tries not to make Twitter bloated or confused. Its developer promises to continue supporting the application and adding more features in future updates.

The app has a beautiful and minimalist interface together with excellent features: dark mode (including a perfect one for OLED screens), gesture interaction, personalization, integration with Siri, translation of tweets and much more, including a "gambiarra" indicates that allows the editing of tweets. Basically, it automates the process of deleting a tweet and replace it with a new, corrected one.

Flitter is already on pre-sale of the App Store for R $ 6.90, with its launch date set for next Saturday, May 5th. Follow the news of the app on the app's Twitter. ??

via 9to5Mac