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Developed by Mundfish, Atomic Heart gets a new trailer and promises to be great!

Source: IGNSource: IGN

Developed by the Mundfish stadium, Atomic Heart, a small trailer that resembled the BioShock game was called about two years ago, and was even called, at the time, "Soviet BiosSock". The title has shown us very interesting features.

However, despite good expectations, the game stayed away from the media for a long time, and unfortunately there has been no further disclosure since the teaser mentioned above. The progress of the title was not known, much less when it was going to be launched.

Atomic Heart has gameplay revealed by IGN

To the delight of players who became interested in the new game developed by Mundfish, IGN recently revealed a gameplay of the game. The video shows good graphics and catastrophic battles against bizarre machines. D play in the trailer below:

Apparently, the main character, which controlled by the player, has some interesting items. In certain teaser scenes we can check the player by drawing the hammer after the object has been thrown. There were also the presence of some creatures in the game world, where there are both inorganic enemies (robots) and organic ones (a kind of tree with movements displayed at the end of the video).

Trailer scene in which a hammer is drawn by the player. Source: IGN (YouTube)Trailer scene in which a hammer is drawn by the player. Source: IGN (YouTube)

With what can be seen so far, the game seems to promise a lot. But, unfortunately, there is still no information on launch dates. The only thing known is that the title will be present on the SteamVR and PSVR platforms, which were announced in the year 2017 during a game trailer.

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Source: IGN (YouTube), PCGamer

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