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Created by a former NSA employee, the Do Not Disturb app notifies you if someone has physical access to your Mac

In this world of increasingly stealthy cyber attacks, it's easy to forget that the easiest way for someone to break into your computer by physically being with them for a minute is that especially if we're talking about Macs, whose firewall is almost impenetrable but doesn't have many tactics to withstand a face-to-face attack because, well, magic-based security has not yet been invented.

Thinking about it, the former NSA employee Patrick Wardle created the application Do not disturb, which warns Mac users of possible physical attacks or attempts to breach the computer in person.

The inspiration for creating the utility came after a meeting, say, suspect Wardle scored on Tinder while in Moscow (Russia). The security expert believes that he was lured away from his hotel room while another agent broke into the room to deploy some malicious agent on his Mac, this type of attack, moreover, popularly known as "Evil maid" (evil maid), because it is very easily executed by hotel maids.

With DND, this type of attack is easier to detect. If the utility identifies any attempted tampering, notify the user immediately the next time he uses the Mac; Even more useful is the iOS app, which warns the user in real time of any computer cover opening as the vast majority of attacks require a powered on and active machine, the warning useful to prevent possible break-ins before they happen. The app allows the user to take a photo of the attacker via the Mac's webcam, turn off the machine immediately or start recording screen activity, all remotely.

Check out a demo video:

Do Not Disturb for Mac can be downloaded for free, while the iOS add-on works through subscriptions; access costs $ 1 / month or $ 10 / year, with a one-week trial period. Cool, huh?

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