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Are you a vintage fan? With Kuji Cam your photos will not look like this century

We may no longer be in the 80s or 90s, but that doesn?t mean we can?t take vintage photographs with a 21st century smartphone. The application is called Kuji Cam and has to offer you a wide variety of editing tools that can reinvent your photos.

your choice has two options: take a photo directly from the app or import a file and bet on the edition. If you choose the first, you are more conditioned in terms of filters. However, you can always edit the photos you take in the application, in the "lab" of the app.

Editing, filters, light, dust, 3D, frame and date: these are the tools you can count on and diversity is not lacking. Through Kuji Cam you can make basic edits, namely saturation or brightness adjustments, but the app also bets on other "utensils".

In the filter section the difficulty will be choosing, since there are more than 100. After this step is taken, adding a strip of light, with different shades, and dust are other possibilities that will help to add a vintage touch to the photo.

Edit the photo frame and make it look, for example, a polaroid, as well as adding a date to the photo, so frequent in the past, also an option. Venture into 3D another possibility.

The free application is available for Android, allowing you to save all edited photos on your smartphone. If you choose the premium version, you will always have more editing tools at your disposal.

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