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Android creator doesn't believe cell phone should function as an assistant

Andy Rubin, vice president of mobility at Google and creator of Android, said recently that mobile phones should not function as a personal assistant but a tool to connect people.

"I don't believe the phone should be an assistant," said Rubin in an interview last Wednesday. ?The telephone is a communication tool. You shouldn't be communicating with the phone but talking to someone on the other end of the phone. ?

The question was raised after being questioned about the boost that Siri technology, exclusively shipped on the new iPhone 4S, could have in sales of the new device from the Cupertino giant.

"To some extent it's natural for you to talk on the phone," said Rubin, explaining that historically this means talking to someone else. "We will follow up to see how penetrating this technology shows itself".

"This idea is not new, but I think Apple did a good job of finding out when the technology would be ready to be delivered to the consumer," he concluded.