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After controversy, Apple does not invite Bloomberg to the event of the 30/10

The gigantic controversy started by Bloomberg following the publication of the report suggesting that American companies were being spied on by the Chinese government. With Tim Cook's indignant request for retraction and people pointing out inconsistencies in the matter, now Apple itself has decided to retaliate.

According to BuzzFeed News, love no invited the publication is one of the largest and most important in the United States, good to remember for your special event on Tuesday (30/10). The attitude has precedent: the Gizmodo he spent years uninvited to Apple events after posting photos of the iPhone 4 lost in a bar before the launch; the site has only recently been present at the conferences.

Amazon also retaliates

To make matters worse, Bloomberg, another giant decided to respond after the publication of the report: Amazon completely removed all its advertising from the magazine's website, turning off the tap from a considerable source of vehicle revenue. The decision concerns advertising for the entire fourth quarter and it is not known whether it will last for the next few months.

Officially, Jeff Bezos' company stated that the cancellation of the ads is due to an internal policy of cutting costs; a source from within Amazon, however, confirmed to the BuzzFeed News that the decision is in fact intrinsically linked to the imbroglio of the Chinese case.

Apple, for its part, did not comment on the case.

via Cult of Mac

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