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↪ Guess which is the best notebook to run Windows! [atualizado]

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Evaluation sites and other checklists top PCs are generally based on a combination of a few days' reviews and / or software benchmarking that stress the PC to its limit. In this report, on the other hand, we bring you the real data on the day-to-day performance of PCs used by real people, under real conditions.

For those who have used an Apple notebook, this is not new after all, in 2007 (!) PCWorld already stated that. Six years later, Solute was the one who found the obvious. Their words: ?The MacBook Pro is the most expensive PC top 3but if you are looking for superior reliability the data is clear. The MacBook Pro is the best Windows PC on the market. ?Check out more information in the full Soluto report. (Cult of Mac)


Taking advantage of the occasion, how about remembering this great commercial from the late ?Get a Mac? campaign?

(tip from Anderson Silva)

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