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With the Ribon app, you make donations to important social institutions and don't need to take a dollar out of your pocket!

It is important to understand the role that each of us has in the process of making the world a better place, especially for those who live with less conditions. This is the purpose of the application Ribon, which allows us to make donations based on a local currency (Ribons) which are not bought by users but given.

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To better understand how donations work, it is necessary to understand the role of each user in this process. Firstly, a content curator allows daily positive news to be released on the feed of the application; The news is sponsored by Ribon partners, who pay for the publication of publications. Every day you open the app and read a news, receive 100 Ribons the currency is also given at the time of registration and when referring the app to friends.

Through a button on the feed, you have access to the donation tab; it is possible to check the number of Ribons and make donations to four types of non-governmental organizations linked to The Life You Can Save or Give Well institutions.

  • Medicines: donations are received by the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI), which works to eradicate tropical diseases through the distribution of medicines;
  • drinking water: donations are received by Evidence Action, which operates in the treatment and access to drinking water for consumption and hygiene;
  • Food fortification: donations are received by Project Healthy Children (PHC), which works to combat child malnutrition;
  • Basic health: donations are received by Living Goods, which provides basic health in Southeast Africa.

All the NGOs cited are foreign, however, the developers of the application stated that they are working for Brazilian institutions to be supported by the application.

In addition, the social impact documents generated by donations are released every two months in the app itself. The reports indicate how many Ribons were donated and how the distribution of donations between social causes worked. The same report can be accessed on the company's blog. Further information about donations, accountability to the user and Ribon's partner institutions is available in the FAQ.

The Ribon app is available for iOS and Android.

tip from Marco Gomes

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