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The EU has a toolbox to ensure the security of 5G networks

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise and becoming increasingly sophisticated. Since many critical services will depend on 5G networks, ensuring the security of these networks is of paramount strategic importance for the entire European Union (EU).

5G technology will be an important facilitator of future digital services in key areas of citizens' lives. Billions of connected objects and systems will be at stake, particularly in critical sectors such as energy, transport, banking and health, as well as industrial control systems that transmit sensitive information and serve as the basis for security systems.

At the same time, 5G networks offer attackers more potential entry points, due to their less centralized architecture, intelligent computational proximity capability, the need for a greater number of antennas and their greater reliance on software.

The European Commission wants to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that is why it has established a set of instruments, based on comprehensive measures, which aims at a coordinated strategy to face the security risks of the implementation of the fifth generation of mobile networks.

The basics of this toolbox are explained in a factsheet.

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