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Some users complain about the Wi-Fi connectivity of the new MacBooks Air

According to a topic created in the Apple Support Cummunities (Apple discussion forum), the new MacBooks Air, launched last week, may experience connectivity problems on Wi-Fi networks. The problem is the same as seen on other Macs: a few minutes after connecting to a network, the connection is lost and can only be reestablished after restarting the system.

MacBook Air (Mid 2013)

Fortunately, this is a problem that can be corrected with a firmware update or even a system update that virtually all maintenance updates to OS X Mountain Lion have brought improvements in this regard. Still, the Engadget He said that in London (England), some people even went to Retail Stores to claim and replace the defective machine.

Apple has yet to comment on the matter, but it is quite possible that its engineers are already aware of the issue and that, in the not too distant future, paint an update to correct the problem.

And since we're talking about MacBooks, the MacRumors found that he already painted one benchmark (performance evaluation) MacBook Pro not yet released by Apple in the Geekbench database.

Benchmark of the machine AAPLJ44,1

The machine, code-named AAPLJ44.1, brings little gains in performance (between 5-8%) and, due to its characteristics, it must be a 13-inch Retina model. It is worth noting that these tests basically evaluate the performance of processors and memories, and with the adoption of Intel's new chips, Apple focused more on battery life than on processing gains.

An update for MacBooks Pro is expected to paint soon, as they also need to earn the new ?Haswell? chips and the new IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.