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See the iPhone models that WhatsApp crashed in 2020

If you use an older iPhone model and have noticed that the Whatsapp stopped working these last few days, know that you might need change device if you want to continue sending messages through the app.

This year, Brazil's most popular messenger has abandoned support for some operating systems. Check this article if your case.

As of February 1, 2020, all devices that still run iOS 8 have lost their connection with WhatsApp, even if they have the application already installed. Since last year it was no longer possible to install or update the app through the store, but users were still able to receive and send messages on apps that were previously installed. Now, even that is no longer possible.

The company says it is for security reasons. With the increasing spread of scams, it is very risky to maintain a version that does not receive more updates, thus leaving users exposed.

Which iPhone model was incompatible?

The incompatibility actually in the model of devices and yes in iOS back side. There are devices that still have iOS 8 (by user's decision), but can still be updated. In this case, it would be enough to update the system to the latest version to return to using WhatsApp.

On devices that no longer support iOS 9, WhatsApp has definitely stopped working. As the case of iPhone 4.

An iPhone 4S, for example, can be upgraded to iOS 9 and thus be backwards compatible with WhatsApp. However, many users prefer not to update their old devices, so that they do not run slow.

In this case, it is advisable to look for a slightly more modern device. Or switch messaging apps.