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Promete Intel promises 50% better battery performance for future Haswell family chips

Intel logoThe next family of processors from Intel, code-named Haswell, offer 50% more battery life on laptops than its predecessors Ivy Bridge, Intel said on Thursday.

?The chips Haswell they were designed with laptops and tablets in mind and the main focus was on reducing energy consumption, ?said Rani Borkar, corporate vice president and general manager of Intel's architecture group, at a news conference.

Still according to Borkar, even with this superiority in the battery life in the standby mode (sleep) it can last up to 20 times longer than today's chip performance Haswell it was not affected. Apparently we will not have that performance promised in 2011, but if you give even that 50% more is already great! Bearing in mind that these processors will equip future MacBooks, which will be able to paint Air stocks at WWDC, for example, are very low in several American resellers. (Computerworld, AppleInsider)

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