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New American Pro iPads are different from those that will come to Brazil

It didn't have to be different: just like the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones, the new iPads Pro announced yesterday, at a special Apple event that will be sold in the United States * will not * be the same as the one I will come to Brazil.

The list of bands and frequencies 4G / LTE supported by the new iPad Pro almost identical to that of the recent iPhones, that is, the American models * no * support the band 28 (700MHz APT) which is gradually being adopted by Brazilian operators in place of the old analogue TV.

Whoever buys one of the new iPad Pro in the USA (model A2014 for 12.9 ? or A2013 for 11 ?) can use them without problems in the Brazilian 4G, but only in the standard bands 7 (2,600MHz) and 3 (1,800MHz).

The models that will be approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and turn to Brazil are the A1895 for the 12.9 ? version and the A1934 for the 11 ?. These, yes, support the three 4G bands used by Brazilian operators.

As in the previous generation of iPad Pro, the new ones have both a physical chip tray (Nano-SIM) and a built-in eSIM. For now, no Brazilian operator supports the electronic chip for iPads.

Obviously, this makes no difference when we are talking about iPads that do not have cellular connectivity. Wi-Fi only models are unique and global.

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