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Netflix reduces data transfer weight on smartphones with new AV1 codec

Streaming platforms continue to develop solutions to improve image quality, while making files lighter during transmissions, to save space on equipment and data traffic. Netflix started testing the new AV1 video codec in the Android application, which, according to the aforementioned, gets 20% more content compression than the one currently in use, the VP9.

For now only a few selected titles can be consumed with the new codec, through the option of saving data. But the plan after migrating to AV1 on all platforms, for that, has been working with manufacturers of equipment and processors, says Engadget.

tek netflix

As mentioned, the codec is based on open code, which has earned it the support of several technological companies. AV1 was developed by the Alliance for Open Media, founded in 2015 by a group of technological giants like Netflix, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft and Google, and then Apple was added.

The technology of the apple is one of the main stakeholders, since VP9, ??the codec currently in use, does not support all features on equipment such as the Apple TV and iPad Pro, namely you cannot watch 4K movies on YouTube.

Considering that the new codec is packed in an option box to save data, this means that it is not yet optimized for the best image. The option leaves an alert that the use of AV1 in HD streaming requires a powerful computer. Most likely, the hardware is not yet in line with the new codec.

tek netflix

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