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Microsoft joins the hardware department with the division responsible for Windows

Microsoft will merge two of the most successful departments in recent years. Panos Panay, currently responsible for the hardware division, will also start to lead the teams responsible for Windows thanks to a restructuring that will give rise to a department called Windows + Devices (Windows + Equipment, in Portuguese). Estamudana will take effect at the end of February.

"Personally, I am very excited to be leading the Windows division as it helps us to be clearer in our priorities, to standardize decision-making processes and to develop the best experiences for our consumers," wrote Panay in an email of internal communication, obtained by ZDNet. "Developing hardware and software together will allow us to do a better job with the long-term plans we have established for Windows," added the official.

This measure is part of a broader restructuring process and is also a sign of how the future of Windows will increasingly be integrated with Microsoft's own devices.

With this change, Joe Belfiore, formerly responsible for Windows, will start to lead the Office teams. Belfiore will take the lead in this division, as well as in the Essential Products Inclusive Community department, which includes products such as Microsoft News, Edge and other apps for Android and iOS.