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Mark Zuckerberg: “Our biggest competitor is, by far, iMessage”

O Facebook released its financial results for its third fiscal quarter this week; during the conference, the company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, admitted that the messaging platform was losing to the iMessage, messenger from Apple, in "important territories" like the United States, where sales of the iPhone are quite representative.

Facebook is responsible for the two largest messaging applications in the world, the Whatsapp it's the Messenger about which Zuckerberg described that there is a transition in the habit of sharing ?more public? environments, such as Facebook itself, for messages and private stories.

People share more photos, videos and links on WhatsApp and Messenger than on social media. We are leaders in most countries, but our biggest competitor by far is iMessage and, in important countries like the USA, where the iPhone is strong, Apple groups iMessage as the standard text messaging app and is still ahead. In countries where there is more competition between iOS and Android, like much of Europe, people tend to prefer our services.

Zuckerberg took the opportunity to respond to criticisms from the Apple CEO about the sale of personal customer information by technology companies. For the founder of the social network, one of the main reasons why people prefer Facebook services, such as WhatsApp, is the strong privacy of data.

The executive also poked Apple and said that WhatsApp keys are not stored in China or anywhere else. He referred, of course, to the migration of iCloud data from Apple customers to Chinese state-owned companies.

WhatsApp fully encrypted from end to end, does not store your messages and does not store your message keys in China or anywhere else. And this is important because, if our systems cannot see your messages, then it means that governments and malicious people cannot access them for us either.

In the same interview in which Cook criticized the sale of user data, he reiterated that iCloud information in China cannot be accessed by the government or any other company; at the time, Cook said, "If you lock your smartphone in China, I can't open it."

via AppleInsider