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iPhone XR almost beats the Galaxy Note9 in speed test, with less than half the RAM

Recently, we checked the iPhone XS Max beating Google Pixel 3 handily in a speed test conducted by the channel PhoneBuff, on Youtube. Now, they put two different devices in the same clash: iPhone XR vs. Galaxy Note9.

As you can see in the video above, even with less than half the RAM (3GB versus 8GB) the iPhone XR and its A12 Bionic chip were able to beat the Note9 on the first lap for 14 seconds, while the top-of-the-line smartphone from Samsung only managed to reach it at the very end of the second.

Obviously, even because of the difference in screens (the iPhone XR has an LCD with 326ppp, while the Galaxy Note9 has an OLED with 514ppp), the Apple smartphone out there was about $ 500 (!) Cheaper than Samsung's. Still, for those who were curious about how he performs in terms of performance, ok ?

via Cult of Mac

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