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iFixit releases wallpapers with the internal components of the iPhone XR

It was a matter of time before iFixit disclose the wallpapers of the internal components of the iPhone XR, as it did years ago with iPhones, after having published the device disassembly this week.

So if you happen to be with the new gadget in hands and want to simulate the impression of looking at the device and see its insides, just select the image of your preference below and save it. For now, they released only the images for the iPhones XR with blue and black finish; if they add other colors, we will make it available here.

From left to right: blue iPhone XR, black iPhone XR and iPhone XR X-ray.

As we said, to apply the wallpaper just select the image you want to apply and save it to your photos; then go into Adjustments Background Image Choose New Background Image and select it in the ?All Photos? album. For better viewing, choose the ?Static? mode when setting the image as the background.

And you, like it? If you have purchased a iPhone XS or XS Max, check here the respective wallpapers for these devices.