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HomePod is expected to gain compatibility with the Calendar app on iOS 11.4

Since the launch of the HomePod, basically nothing has changed in Apple's smart speaker software. During Apple's financial results conference, Tim Cook said the company is eager to launch the speaker in more markets and to free up new resources.

For we have two indications that reinforce such speech by the CEO of Apple.

HomePod in new countries

Last week, Apple published a new support article for the HomePod already taken down that listed the audio sources available from the speaker. In fact, it was not a big deal, as such audio sources are also available on the product specification page.

New languages ??on HomePod?

The curious part of all this was in the link ?Supported Languages?, which brought support not only to the English, but to the Japanese, French and German. The document had some primary errors (a download link that was supposed to be for downloading the accessory's firmware but that didn't work, for example) and, as we said, it was taken down.

Support for new languages ??may be a mere mistake, but since Germany, France and Japan are usually part of the first group of countries that receive product launches from Ma, there is a sense in this story.

Calendar support coming in iOS 11.4

For now, Siri (on HomePod) can only interact with the Messaging apps (Messages), Sticky notes (Reminders) and Notes (Notes) of the iPhone of the Apple ID registered on the iPhone / iPad used to configure the device. Well, no support for the Calendar (Calendar), something basic and expected. But that should change in iOS 11.4, as he always discovered! Guilherme Rambo.

When configuring a new HomePod for an iPhone / iPad running the iOS 11.4 beta 3 beta version, the Calendar app icon is listed among the compatible and supported by Siri on HomePod. See the comparison below:

HomePod without and with support for the Calendar app (on iOS 11.4 beta 3)HomePod without and with support for the Calendar app (on iOS 11.4 beta 3)

The description itself of what can be done has not yet changed to include the Calendar app, but hardly the icon would appear there due to any error, because this is a long-awaited feature that is already present in all the major competitors of HomePod.

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