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Halex Goofing: Ive seen it!

Imagine a person with his chin hitting the floor yesterday. That's me. Man, what was this Apple event ?! I say this in a bad way.

Tim Cook at WWDC 2013 opening keynote

It was a time when I was not so shocked by something as with the presentations of cooknote that opened WWDC 2013. There were more ups and downs than a roller coaster!

OS X Mavericks

Very welcome news, those presented in the Finder, by the way, are a kind of message coming straight from 2002.

OS X Mavericks on a MacBook Pro Retina

Abandoning cats was a smart decision, but adopting what? Californian references? Good luck, explaining to a Brazilian or Chinese what the hell Mavericks that according to Google, a beach where people surf. T. Beauty. Couldn't they have adopted something a little less local?

Adding iBooks and Maps to the system's native apps repertoire is a big DUH! which, like, should have happened five years ago, at least. Not to mention support for multiple monitors, which should have been implemented since Lion makes Apple employees think they don't use external monitors.

That is: annual updates of OS X mean charging for corrections of vacillations and adding applications that God knows why they were not there to start the conversation.

Mac Pro

Remember the Cube.

Man, after this minute of silence, I have just one more thing to say: this is going to be a bomb! This Mac Pro will fry, just like it with a bottle of coffee is no coincidence, this train must heat up horribly, and the top turbine will need all the help in the world to keep things in solid condition. Not to mention that relying on Thunderbolt 2 for serious expansion is capable of putting Ma in bad shape.

Mac Pro from behind

Like, Thunderbolt accessories have in common with FireWire the fact that nobody makes them. If nobody manufactures, nobody buys. You will have six Thunderbolt ports in which to place all four accessories available on the market, and they will cost the same amount as the new Mac Pro detail: empty.

At least the site of the animal scores 10!

iOS 7

What happens if you cross Android with Windows Vista? Probably that question kept Jony Ive awake for endless nights, because that's exactly what the guy did with iOS 7! ;-(

iOS 7 on a white iPhone 5 lying on its side

It was embarrassing to others, to see the presentation of this section. Man, it's horrible! Bright colors, misty glass everywhere, the iPhone looked like a motel bathroom. I predict a revolution in September, when people wake up and think they?re in the Alm da Imaginao. But at last the cones are hideous. Safari appears to have been done on Paintbrush (Windows XP). Fotos looks like a bad joke, while Game Center doesn't make any sense. It's the multitasking, coming straight from webOS? Innovation, huh?

iOS 7 on five white iPhones 5 from the front

I fear for the direction in which iOS is going. Ive should have handled the dose and inspiration. Apparently this is what happens when you change guard at Apple. People burn virtual cows and effigies of those who left, whatever the cost. I hope that in September (or whenever it gets to consumers) give a general softening only that, no? It will be that, even. Innovation * and bad taste could be the slogan for this update.

And why is it about having white iPhones, in the advertising images? There's, like, one black device on

MacBooks Air

Four words: I already ordered mine.

New 11 and 13 inch MacBooks Air tilted sideways

No, seriously. It was That update I was waiting for. Faster memory, state-of-the-art processors, greater autonomy What is there not to love about such a machine? The price in Brazil, obvious. But, as the French would say, you can't have the butter money and the butter. What the heck that the butter will only arrive in July

  1. A, Rodrigo, the guy who attended to me recently at the Apple Online Store, woohoo! Know that I cried for a discount combo was not for another reason, but because I am a (now) bankrupt student, t?

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