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Google strengthens security mechanisms in preparation for US presidential elections

US primary elections are being marked by an incident with a vote count application that delayed the announcement of the Democratic Party's results in the Iowa caucus. Even before the chaos launched by the creation of Shadow Inc., Google decided to make it clear what measures are in place to prevent attacks that could compromise the election that will decide Donald Trump's successor, as well as to help voters make informed decisions. and halting the spread of false information.

The Mountain View giant clarifies, in a post on its blog, that it is prepared to combat threats on several fronts. The company is working in partnership with Jigsaw, a subsidiary of Alphabet, to research methods for identifying deepfakes through Artificial Intelligence. Google and the FBI's Foreign Influence Task Force have also joined forces to mitigate malicious interference on the company's platforms, identify attackers and remove their accounts, as well as inform the public and authorities.

In order to guarantee the safety of candidates, those who carry out election campaigns and journalists, the company developed the Protect Your Election project. The initiative provides a set of free tools that can help users protect themselves from computer threats and inform voters more accurately.

Google wants to help users looking for information about the US presidential election to navigate more securely on their platforms. The company had already announced, in November 2019, the arrival of changes to its rules regarding political ads. Advertisers can no longer display advertisements based on users' political affiliations. American voters can also consult the Political Ads Transparency Report to see who is behind the political ads on Google's platforms.