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Google raised bid to buy Motorola Mobility

According to information published by Reuters, Google revealed in a public document that it had to raise its offer twice to be able to acquire Motorola Mobility, the cell phone division of the American manufacturer and partner in the development of the Android platform.

Google increased its offer for Motorola Mobility by 33 percent to $ 12.5 billion after two weeks of negotiations between the two companies, according to the document filed with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC, the regulator for the northern market) American) this Tuesday.

On August 5, one of Motorola's consultants in the business suggested that the company should reject the initial offer and pursue a $ 43.50 per share proposal, according to a filing with the SEC.

On August 9, Google returned with an offer of 37 dollars a year, but Motorola's chief executive, Sanjay Jha, said he was prepared to recommend that the company consider an offer of 40.50 dollars a year, or higher .

On the same day, Google increased its offer to $ 40.50 a share. The companies finally announced the merger on August 15 at $ 40 per share for Motorola.