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Google Maps celebrates 15 years with new features to find places

Launched in 2005, the Google Maps application aims to help people navigate the world, replacing paper maps with digital versions that have been following the evolution of mobile phones. 15 years later, Google continues to work to improve the application, saying that more than one billion people already depend on it to explore the world, so to celebrate the anniversary, the company presents a redesigned version with new features.

As of today, and over the next few days, the update will arrive on smartphones, featuring as a novelty five main tabs: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute and Updates.

The Explore option allows you to quickly discover a nearby place to have lunch or visit, with user information, analysis and scores to explore your interests, wherever you are. The Commute allows to define the most efficient route, either by foot or by car, informing users about the traffic, the time of arrival at the destination and even suggesting alternative routes when there are problems on the way.

Regarding the Saved option, places recorded by users are listed, and that includes restaurants or a butcher. Google says that there are 6.5 billion recorded places, so you can plan what to visit during your next trip. This is where the Contribute option comes in, which gives users tools to share information about their favorite places or visited. You can write descriptions, include photos, reviews of places, thus helping others to discover new places.

Finally, the Updates menu works as a kind of feed for places that are in the trends, as well as suggestions from experts or even publications. These contents can be shared on the user's own network, but you can also get in direct contact with companies to clarify doubts.

To keep up with the evolution of the application, Google has also modified its icon, keeping the pin as a common element over the years.

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