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From the creators of Acorn, Retrobatch is a batch photo processor with good artificial intelligence tricks

If you have an affinity for the Mac editing world, at least you must have heard of Acorn. Now, the creator of the software, Flying Meat Software, is presenting another solution that can make the hearts of digital professionals melt: Retrobatch, a batch photo processor with good artificial intelligence tricks.

Flying Meat Software Retrobatch

Retrobatch works like most processors in batches of images, working with automated command sequences that repeat the same photo after photo job with a totally different proposal from a dedicated editor, such as Acorn, Photoshop or Pixelmator, serving more for repetitive tasks such as changing size, format, universal color adjustment, watermark application, removing location metadata, uploading to certain cloud platforms and more.

The difference between Retrobatch and its peers lies in its intelligence. The machine learning processes built into the software allow it to perform a series of tasks automatically and make life easier for the user. Want an example? You can throw a folder full of photos on it and command it to perform certain actions only on images that contain a hot dog. Retrobatch recognizes elements in your files and promises to improve with each new version, with more features and skills.

This short video shows the software in action for a relatively simple task, but gives a good idea of ??its capabilities:

The Retrobatch is currently in beta, but when launched it will be sold in two versions: the regular version (with basic editing features) and the Pro version (with all machine learning skills and the like). For now, only the Pro version is available for purchase in beta, for the reduced price of US $ 30. It is worth checking!

via Cult of Mac

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