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Fraud and bureaucracy halt Apple Store expansion in China

We recently commented that the Apple it is revitalizing some of its main stores around the world at the same time as it opens points in new countries. At Chinahowever, things are not as imagined, according to a report published by The Information.

Currently, the company has 50 stores active in the country, which is not a little, but it could be more. According to the newspaper, Apple would have reached this number much earlier if there were not several problems faced by the company in the region, including fraud, competition, bureaucracy and other legal issues that hinder the rapid expansion.

These problems led the Cupertino giant to ?rethink its activities in China? and also to focus on new countries like South Korea, Austria and Thailand. In addition to the reasons cited, part of the change may also be related to China's own domestic market, where smartphone companies and operators are in constant alliance.

Apple is repositioning its 42 stores in China to 1.4 billion people to serve residents and tourists in smaller Chinese cities, instead of trying to cover the country with stores. The number of retail stores in China it contrasts with more than 270 locations in the USA, which has less than a quarter of China's population.

The report of the The Information he also described that the index of product returns in the country is also very high in the queues of people who want to return products are seen outside the Apple Stores. To top it off, at the beginning of this month we highlight Apple's fight against fraud in repairing iPhones over there, where gangs have set up schemes that cost the company billions of dollars.

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On a related note, the The Verge published an interesting article on the ability of Chinese smartphone makers to reinvent their devices (and the Android) from the own iPhone and, consequently, the iOS.

Android modified by Chinese manufacturers

An example of this Live, which released the fourth version of its operating system Funtouch OS. More than the current versions of other systems, such as Xiaomi's MIUI, Funtouch OS has profound similarities with iOS, to the point that we cannot just consider them ?coincidences?. Notifications, the Control Center and the list of widgets, for example, are visually familiar to those used by Ma until iOS 10, at least.

Android modified by Chinese manufacturers

Although the article focuses on the operating systems of several Chinese manufacturers, we know that the similarities go beyond and, as we have already commented, reach the hardware of some of these devices. If you are interested in the subject, check out the full publication.

via 9to5Mac

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