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Did you watch the Super Bowl and want to try football? Madden NFL Mobile is the game

Madden NFL is the oldest series of sports video games still active, which is almost gone from its publisher, Eletronic Arts. Like FIFA, the American football series is updated on an annual basis, introducing new features that keep sports fans interested, and as expected, at the time of the Super Bowl it becomes even more in demand.

For those who want to take the game everywhere, EA Sports has a portable version for smartphones, the Madden NFL Mobile, highlighting its dynamic seasons, as well as new offensive formations in the latest version. The main challenge is to allow players to build their own team of current and legendary competition stars, inspiring FIFA's Ultimate Team.

The role of the multiplayer component is very important, supporting cooperative and competitive game modes, so you can face friends in the arena. In the way to the Super Bowl, you have to hire the best stars, complete daily goals to unlock new athletes, winning the matches that give access to the expected Sunday of the Super Bowl final.

You can download Madden NFL Mobile for free on iOS and Android versions.