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Brazilian Apple Online Store returns to the air with new MacBooks Air and a surprise: iPhones 5!

The opening keynote for WWDC 2013 has just ended and Apple Online Stores from around the world came back on the air with news, including the Brazilian one.

We have the new ones MacBooks Air available for purchase, with prices ranging from R $ 4,200 (11-inch model with 128GB of flash memory) to R $ 5,400 (13-inch, 256GB).

New MacBooks Air front and side

The machines come, of course, with the new ?Haswell? processors from Intel, battery that lasts all day and flash storage even faster than before starting at 128GB, against the 64GB of the previous generation.

Another surprise that came from the table in our store were iPhones 5 unlocked (without association with any operator), finally.

iPhones 5 from the side

They cost R $ 2,400, R $ 2,700 and R $ 3,000, respectively, for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models available, of course, in both black and white.

All of these products have a shipping period of 2-3 weeks in Brazil.

Unfortunately, no iPad mini or 128GB fourth generation iPad here yet