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Brazilian App Store prices are readjusted by 10-15%

As we said in advance on our Instagram, Apple just performed the first general price adjustment of the App Store since it started trading in reais, at the beginning of the year.

The change of currency in the Brazilian store was very positive and praised, mainly because we gained the opportunity to have certain applications cheaper than the equivalent of US $ 0.99. That is, apps that cost US $ 0.99 on the American App Store now cost R $ 3.50 here, but developers can optionally enable two cheaper alternative values, R $ 0.90 and R $ 1.90.

The exchange of the App Store is not the only / exact, but the average in January was around R $ 3.37. At that time, the commercial dollar was quoted at R $ 3.23. Today, it is worth R $ 3.70 an increase of 14.5%, more or less the average readjustment made by Apple.

Therefore, the new values ??of the Brazilian App Store are as follows:

  • $ 0.99 R $ 3.90 (before, R $ 3.50)
  • $ 1.99 R $ 7.90 (before, R $ 6.90)
  • $ 2.99 R $ 10.90 (before R $ 9.90)
  • $ 3.99 R $ 14.90 (before R $ 12.90)
  • $ 4.99 R $ 18.90 (before R $ 16.90)
  • $ 5.99 R $ 22.90 (before R $ 19.90)
  • And by the go

If, on the one hand, we no longer suffer from daily fluctuations in the dollar buying through the App Store (and we no longer have to pay the 6.38% IOF), on the other hand, such a readjustment is necessary after so many past months and a significant variation in the value of our currency. If in the coming months it falls and returns to the level of R $ 3.20-3.30, as some economists expect, surely Apple will make a new adjustment this time, negative.

In addition to Brazil, New Zealand and Turkey also had their values ??readjusted in this wave.