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Apple surpasses Swiss watch makers with nearly 31 million Apple Watches on the market

A recently published report from Strategy Analytics reveals that Swiss watchmakers like Swatch, Tissot or TAG Heuer are losing ground in relation to Apple. Taking into account the number of Apple Watches units placed on the world market in 2019, analysts indicate that the apple company has managed to surpass its entire watch industry.

In all, Strategy Analytics experts estimate that, last year, the number of Apple Watches sent to stores and specialized stores was around 30.7 million units. The value corresponds to a growth of 36% in relation to the 22.5 million sent in 2018. In 2019, all of the watchmaking industry put 21.1 million watches on the world market, registering a decrease of around 13% compared to the 24.2 million units launched in 2018.

Comparison between the number of Apple Watches and Swiss regions offered for sale in 2019 Credits: Strategy Analytics

Experts indicate that while wristwatches from their brands are popular with older consumers, younger people show a clear preference for smartwatches, especially those from Apple. According to Steven Waltzer, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, Apple Watches have been gaining great popularity in the North American, Asian and Western European markets.

In December, an IDC report showed that Apple led the wearables distribution in the third quarter of 2019, placing 29.5 million devices in stores, dominating the market with a 35% share, a 195.5% annual growth . The Apple Watch proved to be one of the bestsellers, thanks to the reduced price of its third generation smartwatch (Series 3).

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