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Apple puts in place a new iGadgets exchange policy and starts repairing iPhone 5 screens

iPhone 5 with broken screenAt the beginning of May, we talked about the possible changes that would be implemented by Apple in its exchange policy iGadgets. Because, according to MacRumors, they already started.

Previously, if the iPhone 5's (glass) screen broke, consumers had to pay $ 230 to replace the device at an Apple Retail Store regardless of whether the smartphone was or was not covered by the warranty; now, users will pay $ 150 to have the screen changed only. Starting in July, other repairs including cameras, an on / off button and a logic board will also be in effect.

However, our collaborator Marcelo Melo He recently traveled to the United States and, talking to some employees of Ma stores, got the information that this new policy has been in place for some time. Exchanges for new devices would still be in place, also the most common scenario, however, according to employees, exchanges of parts, which take about 30 minutes, are gaining more and more space in stores.

The novelty has everything to arrive in Brazil, but it is difficult to set a certain deadline, who knows this will only happen when the Apple Retail Store in Rio de Janeiro opens its doors. For now, anyone who breaks the screen of the device can purchase a new one by paying a fee of R $ 650 (iPhone 5), R $ 550 (iPhone 4S) or R $ 450 (iPhones 4, 3GS and 3G).

Recalling that, outside, Apple sells AppleCare +, in which the customer pays $ 100 to have a two-year extended warranty. If an accident occurs on the roof covered by it (such as breaking the glass), the consumer pays ?only? US $ 50 to have the device replaced. Let's hope that AppleCare + also arrives in Brazil as soon as the official store is painting here.

O MacMagazine got in touch with Apple to clarify both the issue of the new policy (if it is officially in practice and if it arrives in Brazil) and AppleCare + (if it will be marketed in our country). Any news, we will update this post.

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