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Apple maps continue expansion of lane indication and internal mappings; company cars already collect data in ten countries

Like a slow slug, but decided, the Apple Maps continue to make their way towards global dominance that may occur, perhaps, in a few millennia if Google goes bankrupt tomorrow.

Just kidding, Ma's map platform is adding the most useful mapping resource to more territories. lane indication, which displays at the top of the turn-by-turn navigation interface (oh no, I spoke the trigger word) a visual representation of the highway lane that should be taken in its next turn.

Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Poland and Czech Republic they are the most recent countries to receive the resource, which is available in selected cities and highways. There are now 19 countries that have the lane indication and none of them, of course, starts with "B" and ends with "rasil".

In addition, three airports are now counting on the internal mapping, which provides information on terminals, postage, stores, restaurants, toilets and services within places of public interest. They alone Edinburghin Scotland, that of Sydney, in Australia, and Hamad International, in Doha (Qatar).

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Meanwhile, Apple cars with imaging equipment they are increasingly present on the roads outside. As this page of Ma shows, there are already ten countries being driven by vehicles since the Andana began in 2015; all of them (apart from the USA, of course) in Europe.

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The Apple page states that all images captured by the cars will blur car license plates and faces, indicating that Ma is, in fact, working on a feature similar to Google Street View for your map platform.

The list of places visited by Apple vehicles is huge, and so it is to be expected that the premiere of a supposed feature of this type will not take long in the countries contemplated. Are we close to an ?iView? or something? Only the right time.

via AppleInsider, MacRumors

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