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Android vs. iOS: 8 things Apple's system does best

Know the points where the iPhone still outperforms Android devices and find out why iOS is considered the best by many users

Android x iOS one of the most iconic fights in the world of technology. No one denies that each system has its own benefits and choosing one or the other matter of taste. Still, considering that the constant competition between brands promotes technological advances, besides giving us freedom of choice, recognizing what is superior in the rival is not only healthy, as well necessary for both companies and consumers.

And it was with that in mind that we decided to list 8 points where the Apple system overcome with clearance the little robot from Google. Although some users of the Android do not miss all the items mentioned below, a fact that having them available would be no problem. Check out:

Fluidity and speed

iOS more fluid and smootherIn general, open applications and transition between screens of the smoother system on iOS

It's not like the iOS didn't choke or hang, but he does it in a much lower frequency that the Android. On devices Android, it is normal that, over time, these gagging become more frequent, even if your device is a top of the line. Models like Pixel, of Google, and the most recent OnePlus, present fluidity and responsiveness similar to iPhones, however, this does not always extend to other models.

Version after version, the Android becomes better at manage resources smartphones. However, it is impossible for it to be so optimized for numerous models where does it operate as the iOS, since the Ma system works with a smaller variety of devices. Ultimately, this allows the iOS extract high performance of hardware that, in the Android, would be considered average. The new iPhones, for example, have ?s? 4GB RAM and a CPU six cores.

And we are just great even so.

course, the variety of models available in the Android allows you to choose the best model for each type of use the iPhone does not overcome ROG Phone 2 in games, for example, but the fact that he can deliver a comparable performance, and that maybe survive better passing of time, even having a list of specifications theoretically well inferior.

IOS is easier to use

More consistent design makes Apple OS easier to use on different devices

O Android allows you to define exactly how you want it to work, which can make it more intuitive for you. However, this requires that you configure the system which not everyone knows how to do, or has the patience to do. The fact that iOS Force the user using it in one way makes it intuitive, since all iPhones (and iPads!) can be operated from Similarly, albeit with some caveats.

In addition to there being no difference between the iPhone as h between devices that use Android, the iOS it hasn?t changed much over the years: the basic principles of the system have been the same since it was launched, practically. J no Android, we had several changes involving the navigation in the system, the application drawer and the different design patterns that the Google indicates for applications, which are not always respected.

As in the previous topic, this disadvantage of Android direct reflection of one of your biggest assets: the variety of options. To kill this completely would be to kill the essence of the system, which would make users and manufacturers abandon it. why the Google it even encourages a path to be followed, but it does not take away the freedom of manufacturers to insert their own functions and visuals.

Faster and longer updates

Updates arrive faster and longer on iOS devices

We have reached a point of unanimity: there is nothing to justify the Android it will be so fragmented. To give you an idea, at the time we produced this article, 16% of all active devices in the world are still stuck on the version 6.0 Marshmallow, launched in October 2015. In addition, when devices are updated, this usually occurs months after the new system has been launched.

This is a serious problem because it prevents users from having access to the latest system resources, which makes gadgets seem obsolete faster than the others. Because of that, manufacturers and, above all, the Google, has been working hard to structure the system in a way that makes it easier to update, at least when the updates aim to add specific features and increase security.

It is a fact, however, that once again the enormous diversity of devices that operate the system makes things difficult. In addition to adapting the new versions of the system to their devices, which are many, manufacturers need to insert the features and visuals of their interfaces. And if you have purchased a device linked to an operator, it is likely that they will also have to do so. In the end, delay over delay, and it takes you months to get the news from the new version.

Every Apple product speaks the same language

Apple EcosystemApple ecosystem makes it easier to connect devices

Have you noticed that anyone who has a device from Apple Do you tend to choose peripherals and other devices from Ma? This is not just a matter of fanaticism, just: the ecosystem of the brand's devices works almost perfectly. Smartwatch, tablet, wireless phone, smartphone, computer and TV if all belong to Apple, everyone will connect in a fluid and practical way.

Companies like Samsung and the LG have invested in it and have some advantages, since they manufacture a greater variety of appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators and others. However, the fact that this integration is projected in the core of the iOS, and not in a part layer, as in the case of the others, makes the connection between Ma devices almost proof of failures.

This point of great interest for manufacturers, since the ecosystem is a determining factor for a person to continue or not with a certain brand. For a user of iOS, for example, it is much more difficult to change the iPhone for one Galaxy when he already uses the iMessage, O iCloud, O FaceTime and other company services.

Even more secure iOS

Despite Google's efforts to make Android more secure, it still poses risks

Much of the advantages and disadvantages of iOS over the Android due to the greater control that the Apple have on the system. One of the points where security is most evident: controlling everything that has access to the OS, from application APIs, to Apple it can block any software that poses a risk to users or system integrity. In addition, Ma is more strict about the information that each app can access.

O Google has been running to make up for the delay. Initiatives such as Google Play Protect, the monthly security packages and the more precise control of the permissions that each application has are examples of this. However, as stated above, there are intrinsic points in the Android that make it more vulnerable, like the possibility of installing apps from outside the official store, and the fact that the system itself is distributed openly.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay MazdaApple's automotive system is simpler and easier to use than Android Auto

Although the Google Assistant much more efficient than Crab, which can be decisive when you are behind the wheel, the Apple CarPlay, in general, is a level above the Android Auto. The automotive system interface of Apple more organized and consistent, which facilitates the user's familiarization with it. Not having to be so attentive makes the screen Apple CarPlay even safer to use behind the wheel.

O Android Auto, in turn, has a more dynamic interface that requires more attention from the user. Okay, in an ideal world, only the passenger would operate these systems more deeply, but we know that in practice, Google could make the system simpler and more intuitive.

If that were not enough, the Android Auto offers fewer resources and is usually always one step behind the competitor, as was the case with wireless pairing, which took longer to spread among users of the Android Auto than among users of Ma's automotive system.

Superior assistance

Apple Technical SupportStandardized technical assistance and greater service points is another advantage of iDevices

Everything in the ecosystem of Apple centralized, and although this usually translates into less freedom of choice, it also makes the support provided by Ma more complete (and less bureaucratic) than that of the manufacturers Android. Okay, the iPhone expensive and the minimum that Apple can make having a good after-sale, but h Androids equally expensive because they do not always offer the same.

Some of the facilities of Ma users: international guarantee, online support, ample amount of authorized technical assistance spread across the country, standardized service and others.

THE Samsung, in turn, offers the Concierge: a special technical support for models of S and Note lines. In it, users have a spare phone in case they leave the device in technical assistance, 24-hour online support and priority service. However, Korean is an exception, since the other manufacturers, at least in Brazil, offer nothing much more than what is required by law when it comes to technical support even for devices as expensive as an iPhone.

Higher resale value

Even old ones, iPhones tend to be resold for higher prices than Androids

Have you compared the resale values ??of a iPhone it is a Android? Although the devices have the same price and launch period, a fact that the Apple have a considerably lower devaluation to the point where an iPhone 8 Plus 64GB sells for almost R $ 3 thousand in the used car market, while a Galaxy S8 + under the same conditions it doesn't cost even half that.

Although this is not so important for everyone, smartphones have become an essential part of modern life and, eventually, it is necessary to change them. In the case of those who have a iPhone and want to buy another one, pay at R $ 7 thousand the new model is easier when you can sell the current one for R $ 3 or 4 thousand. At the Android, most high-end devices arrive for more than four thousand reais, but do not keep that price for long.

Many will say that the iPhone it insures its prices due to the status assigned to the smartphone which is not completely a lie. However, some points of the iOS that we mentioned above make the iPhone it is a more durable model than the others. The user of a iPhone The old one still has access to system updates for quite some time, and your device probably runs them better than one. Android equally old.

This factor influences the resale value of the device, since the life expectancy of a iPhone ends up surpassing that of the other devices. In the end, this is more of a benefit than the iOS provides the user.


But what about you? iPhone or Android? Do you disagree with any of the points covered in our list? Interact with us using the comment field below!