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Analyst bets on FaceTime Full HD camera for MacBooks Pro Retina; 13 ″ model would be even thinner

camera iconMany analysts have already proved that they do not deserve to be highlighted here in the MacMagazinebut Ming-Chi Kuo, from KGI Securities, is not one of them. With a good track record of success, Kuo is one of the few that is still worth following and paying attention to. Here are his predictions for WWDC 2013, related to MacBooks.

For MacBooks Pro Retina, in addition to the basic adoption of Intel's new processor family, entitled Haswell Kuo believes they'll get FaceTime Full HD (1080p) cameras. For those who don't know, the current cameras support a maximum HD resolution (720p).

Comparison - MacBook Pro Retina

For the 13-inch model, Kuo expects a small (almost imperceptible) reduction in the height of the machine, making it even more portable. Today, the 15-inch model is 1.8cm tall, while the smaller brother is 1.9cm tall. If Apple really touches this, it will probably leave you with the same 1.8 cm of the bigger model since, today, this seems to be the height limit both to support the USB, Thunderbolt and other ports and to stick a cable with the minimum of comfort.

J for MacBooks Air, no big news. Kuo only bet that they will win two microphones, as we have today in MacBooks Pro Retina. The MacBooks Pro * non-Retina * will not receive any improvement, remaining intact and forgotten by Apple since the focus is on the Pro (Retina) and Air models. Still, they would continue to be commercialized.

Although Kuo did not mention anything, we must not forget that compatibility with the new Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11ac should also paint in this new generation of Macs.

Still, things are not looking very good for the PC market as a whole and Apple is no different. The analyst estimates sales of 12 million MacBooks in 2013, 1.6 million less than in 2012.

(via 9to5Mac)

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