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1st generation iPad mini prototype shows that Apple planned to launch device with 2 microphones

Answer quickly: how many microphones does the iPad mini have? If you answered one, you got it right.

Hardware specifications for iPad mini (English)

However, before the small tablet was launched, rumors indicated that it could have two microphones, one at the top (which was confirmed) and another at the rear, at the height of the iSight camera (which did not appear).

However, Sonny Dickson who turns and moves manages to put his hands on prototypes of iProducts (1, 2, 3) has now released a first generation iPad mini which shows that Apple really planned to put two microphones in the device.

First generation iPad mini prototype

It is unclear why Apple removed the second microphone before the final product was released, but my guesses would be that it was cut for cost savings or to be preserved for a future generation of the iPad mini.

Last week, the Japanese website Macotakara said the fifth-generation iPad would also get a microphone at the rear, as well as the iPhone 5 and the fifth-generation iPod touch. Such a microphone probably has a connection with Siri, since he is responsible for canceling noises and improving audio pickup.

Dickson also commented on something very interesting, which we talked about in several podcasts. He said prototypes and case models were stolen by Foxconn workers and sold to Chinese case makers for around 38,000 yuan, which is equivalent to about R $ 12,500.

There is no way: when these parts reach Apple partners, control becomes very complicated.

(tip from Pietro Alencar, via iDownloadBlog)

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