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↪ Apple I is auctioned for more than R $ 1.3 million and breaks new record

Apple I

Apple's stock price may be well below its peaks last year, but the company's older computer market continues to break records.

"An Apple I computer, made in 1976, was sold on Saturday for a record $ 671,400 at an auction in Germany, including all fees and taxes," said Uwe Breker, a German auctioneer.

The value is equivalent to about R $ 1,365,000 and higher than the auction that occurred at the end of last year, in which one of these rarities was sold for US $ 640 thousand (about R $ 1.3 million). The machine belonged to Fred Hatfield, a former MLB (Major League Baseball) player, and was acquired by a wealthy businessman from the Far East who wants to remain anonymous. I think I'm going to start saving my iProducts maybe my kids don't earn a lot of money (NYTimes)

(via MacRumors)