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↪ Alleged new MacBook identifiers appear while stocks are low in the U.S.

Front and closed MacBook Air

MD711LL / A Better USAMD712LL / A Best USAMD760LL / A Better USAMD761LL / A Best USA

ME177LL / A Better USAME182LL / A Best USAME918LL / A Good USA

New MacBooks should even arrive during WWDC 2013. At least according to the 9to5Mac, which claims to have received new SKUs (stock keeping unit in Portuguese, stock maintenance unit) of the machines. The first four, which would be notebook computers, have everything to be Airs or Pros Retina, since they have very low stocks in the United States. As for the last three, no one really knows what they are about. However, these may not be the only SKUs, others may appear until next week, when the event happens.

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