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Wanting more and more control over products, Apple would have bought a processor factory

Site history SemiAccurate divided: they already had successes (such as switching GPU vendors for Macs) and errors (such as saying that Apple would change their computer's processors to ARM). Regardless, they have now said that Apple wants to take control of the manufacturing of its chips (used in iGadgets) once and for all today, who makes these processors Samsung. For that, Ma would have bought a factory!

UMC factory / headquarters in Singapore

UMC factory / headquarters in Singapore.

The site does not offer much information, that is, it does, but the content is closed to subscribers, but from the tags used, we see that UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) is part of the news. Eric Slivka, editor of MacRumors, believes that the manufacturer (which has facilities in Taiwan and Singapore) may be the acquisition of Apple.

The reasons for this would be twofold: 1. the company's always enormous control over all processes that involve any product / service; 2. move further and further away from Samsung. As many of the possible substitutes for the South Korean would not have met Ma's needs (put on this cake Intel, TSMC, Global Foundries, IBM, among others), she decided to walk with her own legs.

But we know that there is nothing in this immediate market, especially when there is no advanced knowledge on the subject. So Apple still needs third-party help to deliver millions of dollars. iGadgets which sells monthly around the world precisely for that reason, it closed an agreement with TSMC, which would finally have reached the level of demand of Ma.

Today, processors from the A family (A4, A5, A5X, A6, A6X and other futures that I will see) are the hearts of the most important products for Apple and many people bet that in the not too distant future (when the chips are still advanced), the company can even equip its Macs with them. So if this news is really hot, it's no surprise.

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