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Twelve South launches picture frame that recharges iPhones

Of all the stunts taken out of the hat every day by companies and inventors around the world, few reach the level of ?Wow, how did I not think of that before?? Of this new creation by Twelve South. The famous manufacturer of accessories for Apple products today launched the PowerPic, an object that looks like a perfectly ordinary picture frame until you rest your iPhone on it.

Twelve South PowerPic, picture frame with wireless charger

That's because yes, you guessed the surface where you can place a portrait (13x18cm) hiding a Qi wireless charging coil capable of supplying power to your smartphone (iPhone or any other compatible) at up to 10W. The PowerPic works with cases up to 3mm and has a USB-C port to be connected to power, with cable included.

The idea of ??Twelve South is to create an accessory that works even when not in use if your smartphone is not there, you just see a beautiful picture frame made of New Zealand pine and your favorite photo.

In fact, the manufacturer suggests ?games? that you can do, placing wallpapers on your iPhone that complement the photo displayed on the accessory; this page offers some downloads to get you started.

Twelve South PowerPic, picture frame with wireless charger

The PowerPic costs $ 80 and is already on sale on the Twelve South website in white and black versions.

What about?

via Apple World Today

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