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Tubezito: the Portuguese “YouTube” for children has already reached the world of Android applications

But not everything, as the news also reaches the website, which now has more content in the form of new sections. In Heris e Radical you can find cartoons more targeted at children between 8 and 10 years old. In the Special category, the youngest can see exclusive content from Tubezito partners. The section then includes The Adventures of Miau and, more recently, Minuto da Terra, two series produced by YouTube channels in Brazil.

A passion project with more than 2 million visits

To SAPO TEK, Joo Souza recalled that the Tubezito project started from the reality lived with his children when they were younger. Children were fans of YouTube, however, their curiosity ended up taking them to videos that were not suitable for their age. So I decided to create a part page with the content they liked to see.

As his children used the website more and more, Joo started to make it more intuitive, placing, for example, cartoon images so they could be identified more easily, also giving him more color. From then on, the creator of the project decided to share it with the world: If my children liked it so much, I will publish it to show to friends.

From a platform that started as a personal project, Tubezito has become a website that has more than 2 million visits annually. Basically, what I curate. While YouTube uses algorithms to filter content that is considered risky for children, what I do is choose which videos are the most suitable and divide them by themes, explained Joo Souza.

The founder of the project wants to continue to develop it and take it even further. In the short-term, the website will have other languages ??and there will be a version with content in Spanish and then another in English, he said. When it comes to plans for the future, one thing is certain: Joo Souza has no commercial interest. It is true that the digital world is constantly changing, but the creator of Tubezito wants to keep it as a space where the youngest can begin to browse the online universe in a safer way.