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The Sims turns 20 and returns from the hot tub

Hot tub. Source: EA GamesHot tub. Source: EA Games

Yesterday, on February 4, The Sims turned 20. That's right, you're old and the game was released in the 2000s. To celebrate, the game's developer, Maxis, is preparing several surprises. Among the novelties in celebration of the franchise's anniversary, is the hot tub that each Sims player will win.

EA Games offers The Sims (original) hot tub in The Sims 4

However, the item that the developers decided to give, is not just an item. You will have in The Sims 4 the hot tub of the original The Sims, launched 20 years ago. Players on any platform will be able to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary by winning the bathtub through the update provided.

Hot tub in The Sims (original). Source: simlish4Hot tub in The Sims (original). Source: simlish4

It is worth remembering that PS Plus (Playstation Plus) subscribers have The Sims 4 as one of the free games this February. That is, if you haven't already done your "Yes", it's time to create it. In celebration of the franchise's anniversary, EA Games has also unveiled a fun infographic showing some impressive numbers of the game over the past two decades.

Check below the main details of the infographic that EA Games prepared, where the 4 games and more than 75 packages are covered:

  • Over 1.6 billion Sims have been created
  • These Sims were involved in 1.3 billion Woohoos (Wow-wow)
  • There were 575 million families Yes, 37 million marriages Yes and 173,000 children Yes (I see that Sims are practicing safe sex)
  • Players spent over 65 million hours in the gallery
  • There were 217.00 aliens, 1 million mermaids and 6.9 million vampires

Note: Woohooo (or Oba-oba) when there is sexual intercourse between Sims, regardless of gender.

See below the image of the full infographic and check the latest news about the commemorative events here.

The Sims infographic. Source: EA GamesThe Sims infographic. Source: EA Games

If you're a big fan of the game, you can check out the official commemorative T-shirts for The Sims here. Values ??range from $ 20 to $ 35 depending on the model.

Source: EA Games, gamesradar, fandom

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