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Test Stress on Linux with GTKStressTesting

GTKStressTesting is a stress testing tool for Linux.

O GTKStressTesting It is a tool made in GTK so that you can do stress tests on your system and see how it performs.

Test Stress on Linux with GTKStressTesting These types of tools are really difficult to find in the Linux world, but when you have them, they stand out as the case of Phoronix Test Suite that an extremely powerful tool. A demonstration of how it works there was made on the channel and you can check out the video below: Today we are going to show you another tool for monitoring and stress testing, which is GTKStressTesting, from the same creator of the GreenWithEnvy tool and that you can check out the story here . According to dev Roberto Leinardi, the objective of the program is to be able to monitor and make tests with the CPU, motherboard and memories. For more details, see the project's GitLab. To install it, you will need the flatpak enabled on your system. If not, just follow our tutorial. After installing the flatpak, just copy and paste the following two commands into the terminal:

flatpak –user remote-add –if-not-exists flathub


flatpak –user install flathub com.leinardi.gst

Ready, just waiting for the installation to finish and enjoy the application.

I thought the app was really cool and the dev will improve it even more, so it should be a really interesting tool.

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