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Sound Club is the missing app to indicate musical performances near you

Simple and intuitively functional, the application Sound Club, created by Juliana Brittes, from Rio de Janeiro, is interesting for those who like musical performances, an opportunity for musicians and a means of dissemination to concert halls in general.

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Interesting for the general public

The platform is a great tool for knowing who is playing near you. The service shows which bands and artists are going to perform directly on the map of your region, which also indicates the location where the show will take place.

Although created by Brazilians, the app is not restricted to informing you about shows only in the country. Anywhere on the planet you are, it will be possible to follow the news and the schedule of shows of your favorite artists.

The main interface of the app is on the maps; When you log in, you are directed to the map tab of your region, which features concerts until the next four weeks, a fully customizable feature including an option ?Opportunities to play?, created for musicians to pay attention to places that are looking for presentations.

Still in the same tab, it is possible to filter what appears on the map as to the musical genre. That is, if you like rock more, just select the musical style that will be presented with content restricted to it, an extremely useful resource if you live in a large city with a large volume of musical performances every day.

The application has a simple social network, in which the user can search for artists, places or people. After finding your favorite artists or venues, you can follow them to follow the musical news of these profiles in the ?Activity? tab.

Opportunities for bands / artists

The artist profile has several resources to publicize his works and establish a closer contact with the public. In this, it is possible to add videos directly from YouTube, publicize the complete concert schedule to your followers will receive notification when a new show is created.

As mentioned above, the ?Opportunities to play? function is a tool that allows concert halls / bars / pubs to publicize their spaces and indicate the days available for musical performances. In this way, the artist has access to important information to contact the locals.

Advertising media for concert halls

In association with the resource we just commented on, the app also allows concert halls, bars, pubs and other environments with live music to create their own profiles. Therefore, those who follow the site page will have access to future presentations and other information.

The service provides communication between concert halls and musicians who have a compatible profile. In this way, it is much easier to find and hire bands or artists to play in your space.

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Recently, the app joined the App Store's ?Apps we love? list, is growing more and more among the music community and has the support of artists such as Paralamas do Sucesso, Lobo, Roberto Menescal among others.

Sound Club is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

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