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Provisional measure on tax incentives for tablets in Brazil

Reuters – The government published in the Official Directory of the Union this Monday a provisional measure that includes tablet computers in the regime that gives tax incentives for the production of computer goods.

The framing of tablets in the so-called ?Lei do Bem? allows the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) to decrease in these products from 15 to 3 percent. In addition, the PIS / Cofins rate drops from 9.25 percent to zero.

With the measure, manufacturers like Motorola, Samsung and Apple may receive tax benefits on their products with an expectation that prices will be reduced by about 30%.

Among the main tablets that should receive the exemption are: Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab (8 and 10 inches) and Apple's iPad. With the requirement that obliges manufacturers to produce in Brazil, only Motorola is currently compatible with the provisional measure.

Now the classic Galaxy Tab (7 inches), currently manufactured in Campinas, the benefit will not be granted since the tablet has cell phone features (there is no Wi-Fi version only), which should speed up the coming in the new models.