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OS X would be limiting the speed of Wi-Fi transfers on the new MacBooks Air [atualizado]

According to Ars Technicathere is also something wrong with the way the OS X system handles file transfers, making speed gains under the 802.11ac standard (?Wi-Fi Gigabit?) much less than expected.

Comparison of transfer speed

Under normal conditions, the performance gains would reach up to 189% compared to the 802.11n standard, but this did not happen in the tests performed by Andrew Cunningham. According to him, the theory of AnandTech the most plausible that it must have to do with the way that OS X deals with scaling TCP windows (transmission control protocol, or transmission control protocol).

Comparison of transfer speed

When testing with the new MacBooks Air, but using Windows, "Wi-Fi Gigabit" gains went from 70% to 158%. In other words, the problem related to this is not in the hardware of the new machines, but in the software, which is great, since Apple can fix it through a ?simple? system update.

On the other hand, last week we said that some users were complaining about the machine's connectivity. Now the 9to5Mac informed that, outside, those who are facing these problems can go to an Apple Retail Store and exchange the "defective" MacBook Air for a new one, since the company is taking these computers for a more in-depth analysis of the possible problem. This * does * not mean, however, that all units are defective and that there will be a recall.

We contacted a Brazilian Apple Authorized Service Center to find out if the procedure is also valid here. As soon as we receive the information, we will update this post.


We talked to a person responsible for an Apple Authorized Service Center and he informed us that the company usually works in another way in Brazil. Here, for a machine change to be made, it is almost mandatory to include the model in the maintenance and exchange extension program or in very specific cases. Therefore, it is very unlikely that you, the consumer who purchased a MacBook Air and are experiencing connectivity problems, will be able to resolve this by visiting an Apple Authorized Service Center.

But that does not mean that the problem will not be solved. The likelihood that Apple will fix everything with a system or firmware update is pretty high. If this is not the case and the company finds that the failure even in the hardware, but the new MacBooks Air will enter the maintenance and exchange extension program. But even taking the history of such problems into account, you should soon paint an update with the corrections.

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