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Open Source solutions are increasingly important in companies and organizations

ESOP presented some data resulting from a survey conducted at European level, although more focused on France, related to the introduction and the role of Open Source in companies and organizations. The study of the European market, called Open Source: a dynamic market fueled by digital transformation and innovation, promoted by CNLL, ESOP's institutional partner.

According to the study, there is an increasingly active role of Open Source in company structures, especially in France, but also in other European countries such as Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Finland and the United Kingdom. The data collected from the surveys indicate that 9 out of 10 companies consider open software as a key differentiating factor in the digital transformation processes of organizations.

For 80% of respondents, in the next two years the use of Open Source solutions will grow. Also for around 80% of companies, Europe is at the technical forefront with regard to competencies and adoption of open software technologies. And in this sense, opening new opportunities to stand out in the leadership of the development of solutions.

The user's experience benefits from the use and characterization of specific solutions that are considered necessary for the digital transformation process of organizations. The study also showed that there were changes in the priorities of the companies. The 2017 survey showed that the adoption factor was the low associated costs. This year, the ease of customization and technological independence are presented as the main reasons for choosing Open Source solutions.

Finally, the study predicts total revenues, for Europe in 2020, of 25 billion euros for Open Source companies, which corresponds to 25% of the world market around open software. And the number of workers connected to the same increase to 250 thousand in Europe.

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